About the Animal Law Resource Center

DogThe Animal Law Resource Center is a project of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing science without harming animals. NAVS and its programming is conducted at its downtown Chicago location, conveniently located for many Chicago-area law schools.


The Animal Law Resource Center, created as part of the International Institute for Animal Law, provides access to a wide variety of legal resources that impact the lives of animals and humans living with and using animals across a broad spectrum of issues. Animal law impacts many areas of legal practice, including criminal law, contracts, torts, sales, and professional licensing, just to mention a few. This site looks at animal cruelty laws, veterinary licensing requirements, hunting and trapping, animals used for agriculture, for research, and for education.


The scope of this coverage is objective regarding the law and animals, though the site also offers model laws for animal advocates who wish to do more than just be educated on what laws and legislation exist in the U.S. as well as an opportunity, through the NAVS website, to participate in advocacy on behalf of animals.


The website is under the direction of the NAVS staff, with updates provided by law school interns attending Chicago-area law schools. Students from Chicago Kent, DePaul, John Marshall, Loyola, and Northwestern law schools have contributed to this site since its inception nearly two decades ago and continue to provide updates. Oversight of student work is the responsibility of the NAVS Director of Legal & Legislative Programs, Marcia Kramer, JD.



Thanks to Ray Steup for allowing the Animal Law Resource Center to utilize his photographic imagery for this website.