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Welcome to the TAKE ACTION section of the Animal Law Resource Center website.


A program of the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), the Animal Law Resource Center allows you to TAKE ACTION on current legislation, rulemaking and other matters of interest by sending letters directly to the decision makers. We provide you with pre-written letters in support of or in opposition to a large variety of issues, foremost on vivisection but also related to how animals are used in our society.


Legislation is divided into federal (for all U.S. residents directed at the U.S. Congress) and state (intended for residents of that state directed at the state Assembly) categories. Letters will go to your own representatives in Congress or your state Assembly. Other non-legislative national issues will go to the individual(s) who have the power to make decisions on those issues.


To send letters with ease on a regular basis, please register on the NAVS website. You will then be able to send future letters with a click of the button! And for your convenience, we will keep track of what actions you have taken. When you return to the TAKE ACTION center, you can easily review your past activity. Join others who care about animals and TAKE ACTION. Make your selection below (NOTE: You will be re-directed to the National Anti-Vivisection Society website):


You can also sign up to get a weekly newsletter, Take Action Thursday, on legal and legislative issues.


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